Don’t get caught up on the excitement at the expense of the Word. Ministry may look exciting and enticing but is the Word in it? We live in a generation that are curious about signs and wonders but miss the Word. Their ministry that focus so much on the quick miracle, quick prophesy but the Word is lacking. The Word is Jesus Christ and if it is lacking, the house won’t balance.

Miracles are a quick solution of today but teachings will either keep you tomorrow or destroy you. Their people because of miracles are stack in places they know very well they are being taught wrong. Whoever teaches you wrong is like a man giving you a slow poison. It will eat you slowly but surely until you completely die spiritually and physically.

Run after the Word and miracles will come later. Pursue the Word and everything else will be given to you in due season.
May miracles , signs and wonders never excite you at the expense of the Word.

Their many emergent prophets today that just want to feed you with prophesies only but they don’t have the Word. Be careful of them. Many are are workers of Satan masquerading as angels of Light in the church. Apart from prophesy pay attention to their teachings. If the teachings are not inline with the Word , then run for your soul, you are at greater risk.

Pst Lenny Were

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