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Principles in Ministry

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I heard somebody saying ministry is a marathon not a short relay. There are people who are good at short relay but faint when put on long marathon but there are people who will perform poorly on short relay but excel in marathon.

When doing ministry,  you need to think about the future, the future beyond you. What kind of a house are you building? Can it stand the storms? What kind of decisions are you making? Will they affect this future?

You have to tred carefully,  apply wisdom and know the principles of God when doing ministry.

Principles of God:

1. Touch not my anointed ones. A servant of God who used to walk under the anointing may backslide or sin but the anointing God has put in them has not backsliden . There is a tendency of our generation abusing the anointed ones of God because they committed a certain sin. Let God deal with them and their master knows their end. If you act as the judge instead of God, you can incur spiritual pain and injury in your life.

2. The nakedness of a father is not for the son to reveal.  It is very tempting for our generation to be running around showing the nakedness of a father. If you once served under somebody who became a father in the Lord and was genuinely blessed while serving under them, then you come to know about their weaknesses,  it is not for you to take it to the world to announce it. You can incure spiritual leprosy that can affect your life and your generation to come. And the grace that was operating on that servant which you were benefiting from will stop working for you.

If you can’t stand a servant you once served under, leave silently and continue with your life and God’s direction concerning your life. Don’t be abusive of the servant you are leaving behind. Don’t start calling that servant names. God doesn’t entertain foolishness and you will land into the wrong side of him.

3. Understand your operations and callings.  God call people differently,  some are called to start something new while others are called to work under someone else. There is an anointing that God will release in a specific house to build that house or ministry.  For example when God told Moses to call the 70 elders of Israel,  He took some of the spirits operating in Moses and distributed to the 70 elders. Why couldn’t God just took new spirits from heaven and anointed the 70 elders? If that was to happen, all the 70 elders will have a divergent ministry away from Moses. God had to give them what was at work in Moses for them to be able to understand Moses well and channel the vision that was at work in Moses. 

There are many people that have ran with the anointing they received from Moses to go and build divergent houses while the ministry of Moses is left in ruin! You can land into the wrong side of God when you do this. There is an anointing that is meant to build a specific house or vision and the moment you play with it, it will die slowly but surely .

4. Don’t tore the garment of the one who anointed you or ordained you into an office to serve in the church. There is a priestly garment that servants of God walk with you which symbolize the authority of God they exercise in the church. The life of King Saul came to an end when he tore the priestly garment of Prophet Samuel. 

What does it mean to tore the garment? It means to tarnish the reputation of that servant , to abuse that servant verbally, to go around talking negatively about that servant, gossiping behind that servant are part of toring their garment because you are degrading their authority. The moment King Saul tore the garment of Samuel, he lost everything, even the Kingdom plus the anointing.

Be careful how you operate, don’t abuse a servant who once ordained you into office. Fear the Lord and live.

Pastor Lenny Were

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Pastor Lenny Were
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