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Spiritual Covering

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Many people often want to pass exams but they are not willing to become students to be taught and be able to pass the test.

A disciple is a diligent student who not only follow the teachings of his/her leader but allow those teachings to shape his/her life , to lead, to instruct , to impact, to protect and even to spread the teachings to the world.

I always say that spiritual covering and authority is not in the church wall or the name of the Ministry under the servant but it is hidden in the teachings God is giving to the servant. Whoever will diligently follow the teachings and live by them will be protected by God Himself and the authority God has put in that servant.

The challenge we have a generation who like to move by wind but aren’t paying attention to what The Lord is saying through the servant , they aren’t paying attention to the Word of God, they aren’t paying attention to the vision and call of the servant to fulfill it, therefore many are in the church but out of covering therefore falling into various afflictions and harm from the enemy for they are out of the covering.

Pastor Lenny Were

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