Multiplication of Grace

With the Grace God has given you , what are you doing with it? Today’s personal meditation of the Word :

Elijah had grace even to call fire to come down from Heaven but by the time he was running away for his life , he realized he raised none with that grace . Elijah had no single follower yet God anointed him so mightily . He used the anointing God had put in his life for a singular focus than raising other servants to carry the same prophetic mantle .

How many people are anointed so mightily but have rather chosen to be the center of attraction? They want to do everything on their own, they want to be the only Pastor in the House , they want to be the only Prophet in the house , they want to be the only Apostle in the house . So obsessed with titles and focusing on a singular calling .

Elijah focused on a singular calling that he thought he was the only one standing . He chose to close his ears from what God is doing with others to what God is doing with him.

There are many today lost in the singular focus of their church, their ministry , their servants to the extent it becomes a sin to visit other ministries or churches .
When they see you visiting another church, they will tell you ; you have become a sinner .

The Grace that God bestows upon his servants is not for single focus life but to raise other servants to be able to walk in the same Grace even a notch higher .

God had to take some of the Anointing He had put on Moses to distribute on the Seventy Elders of Israel . Little did Moses know at that time , the anointing on his life was not meant for him alone but to be distributed. Moses was overwhelmed with too much work because he was carrying a weight that was meant to be given to others .

God has given you Pastoral anointing but how many Pastors are you raising ?
God has given you Apostolic Anointing but how many Apostles are you raising?
God as given you Evangelistic Anointing but how many Evangelist are you raising .
God has given you teaching Anointing but how many teachers are you raising.
God has given you Prophetic Anointing but how many prophets are you raising .
God has given you grace to play guitar but how many guitarist are you raising in the church?
God has given you grace to play drums but how many drumists are you raising in the church?
God has given you grace to worship but how many worshippers are you raising?
God has given you grace to play piano but how many pianist are you raising.

There are people who have been in the church for years but praying never to fall sick on a Sunday. For if they fall sick on a Sunday , the service will come to a stop ; no guitarist in the church, no Pastor in the church , no praise and worship leader in the church because they raised non to be able to do what they do.

Pst Lenny Were
RTD Church International

I have a Vision

Pastor Lenny Were

It is good for a young person to have a vision. Joseph had a vision that he will be a great 👨 man one day. This vision made him to navigate in life through difficult moments . You can loose everything but don’t loose your vision. Vision can become your strength when everything seems not to work.
I have a vision one day people will come to church running 🏃‍♂️ not walking . For if they are late they won’t find a chair to seat.
I have a vision to establish Apostolic Faith based Churches across different continents , nationalities, races and ethnic communities.
I have a vision that many youths will say no to Satan and Yes to Jesus Christ. They will give their all in depopulating hell and populating Heaven.
I have a vision for the latter outpouring of the rain of the Spirit that will produce the radiance of the Bride of Christ on Earth. For Christ is coming for a glorious Bride and the best is preserved for the last.
I have a vision that there will be no need of laying of hands for the atmosphere will be charged with God’s presence that God himself will lay hands on people, heal his people, touch his people and anoint his people.
I have a vision of building a magnificent temple of Glory to the Living God that nations will gather on it and many will travel from all corners of the earth to come and worship in this temple and give God the praise.
I have a vision of setting worship, Praise, Word perpetually in the house of God every hour.
Hallelujah. AMEN.

RTD Church International