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Exposing agents of Darkness

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By Pastor Lenny Were

Lord increase our level of discernment. Agents of Satan has become so comfortable around , some are going to church with us, Fellowship with us and even talk with us but they are the reasons why we undergo so many problems and demonic attacks.  Some have even penetrated church systems and now seats as senior Pastors in congregation but they know they serve another god not the Lord of the Holy Bible.

Yesterday,  I saw myself praying for deliverance of this man who was heavily possessed.  While the man was lying down manifesting, agent’s of darkness started coming around to stop the deliverance.  The Lord made me to feel their presence,  they were too close and pretending to be Christian.  I released Fire on Them.

Any agent around us and among us , who is not serving the God we serve and they are out to destroy what with do, Lord expose them by Fire.  I break the veil of deception they have been covering.  I expose their evil schemes in Jesus Mighty name. Lord, let your hand be strong against them. May the Lord of Hosts fight against them. Make their life become miserable until they find repentance for their souls in Jesus Mighty name I pray.  Amen

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. – 2 Corinthians 11:14

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