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Different Kinds of People You Meet when God calls You.

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There are different kind of people you meet in life when God calls you .
1. You meet with Philip’s who are eager and ready to run and tell someone about your call, your ministry and the purpose of God in your life .

2. Then you meet Nathanael who believe in you the first instant you speak to them . They believe in your call , the message God has given you and willing to walk with you in the journey that God has destiny for you .

3. You meet with Judas , who join the Ministry God has given you for wrong purpose , they want to be partners in the Ministry for wrongful gain, their hearts are not in the Gospel but they seek for recognition and to be seen , they want to be known , they want to acquire , they want to achieve .

4. You meet with Peter , though called and talented but very stubborn. Hard to teach hard to train . Always mistaken they know better than you , always mistaken they have the right to lead you even if God has called you to lead them. Always ashamed among the people that they are under your leadership . They will speak with you in private but won’t tell the public they are under you . They don’t respect you enough for they think they are older than you , or better than you but God has a place for them in the Ministry .

5. You meet with James who loves you like a brother and cares concerning paternal family . They are always concerned about your family .” How is your wife doing ?” They will ask you . Is all well in your family they will inquire . How is your children , they want to know . For in their heart , a servant Ministry can only be fulfilled when their own household is doing ok.

6. Then you meet with the Mr. Johns. They love you deeply and cares concerning you . You are a warm of affection they have found in you . They are always grateful that God brought you in their lives . When they see you , their faces is full of joy and cheers , to them , you are always a blessing that God brought in their lives .

7. You meet with the Thomas , they ever doubtful about you , are you really a servant of God ? Did the Lord really called you ? If He calls you why are you suffering ? Prove to me that God called you . Even after benefiting over the years on the anointing God has put on your life , they are ever doubting they don’t want to fully acknowledge neither walk with you fully . They are ever alert and ever mistaken .

By Pst Lenny Were

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