Can a bride forget her attire?

Jeremiah 2:32

English Standard Version

32 Can a virgin forget her ornaments,
or a bride her attire?
Yet my people have forgotten me
days without number.

The Lord God Almighty emphasizes in the above scripture the falling away of his people in comparison with the Bride. In other words it was so essential for the Bride in Israel to adorn herself with the proper attire for the wedding. The Bride couldn’t be mistaken of having put on the wrong attire. In the sight of God, He sees his people whom he loves and cared for, He chose to send his only begotten Son, the Darling of heaven, to come and die for the sins of humanity, the Bible says they afflicted whom the Lord had afflicted. The Lord afflicted the Son to come and have a taste of the life on earth.

It was necessary for God the Son to come in form of flesh to save us from our sins. In other words Jesus dying for us on the cross he overpaid for our sins. He purchased us with his life and gave us hope of eternal life. However we were once naked before the Lord , he was send that through his blood our nakedness and shame may be covered. The painful part is, the believers who had once tasted the goodness of the Lord, who once our born again and clothed by the blood of Jesus, loosely fell from the path. They forgot there were some attires to keep on, there were some attire to keep walking with that symbolizes their faithfulness to God.

The attire is the righteousness and the holiness of God purchased by the Blood of Jesus. Most of us have forgotten this attires in their walk with God and they never know where they kept them. Some it was some days ago, some some months ago, some even years ago, and they are barely walking naked before the sight of God and they don’t know.

In the actual sense, when you put on a specific cloth continually for a number of days without washing it, the cloth with automatically get dirty, you will never want to use it again unless you wash it . This applies to the expensive garment , clean, pure, bright, spotless , wrinkle free Jesus purchased at Calvary. We must be careful when we put it on. We must be careful to keep on washing it now and then and keeping its brightness and purity. However Jesus has given it to us freely, it is our duty to keep it.

We must wash it on a daily basis through repentance, checking where we have put some marks on it and cleaning it. The challenge, some allowed their attire to get so dirty, to the extent when they realized it was very dirty, they throw it away and forgot to wash it. They decided to put another that have nothing to do with Christ. If you are that person, the room is here today to run at the feet of Jesus, the room is here today to run at the feet of the Lord at Calvary, tell him to take away the filthy garment you are wearing so you may have a new one from the Lord, and when he has given you a new one, make sure this time to keep it, less the Bridegroom come and you are left behind.

Prepare the way for the Lord, Jesus is Coming for a Holy Bride.
Pastor Lenny Were
Restoration of the Tent of David