Servant Like Moses

The Lord is looking for a servant like Moses , who will be faithful in all God’s house . Not part of God’s house but all . The Benchmark is what is the level of our faithfulness to the service of God ?
Yes we are faithful with earthly things like career, going to school , jobs , family but what about serving God ?
How much are we faithful when it comes to serving God ?
How much time have we set aside to serve the Living God?
Are we available for His purpose ?
Can we say Here I am use me Lord ?
Are we willing to pay the price to walk with the weight of His Fire ?
Can we carry the burden of the Lord to this dying and perishing generation ?
Can we be willing to live for others and die to our own self ?
Can our life become a Living Sacrifice for Christ Jesus?
Are we willing to make serving God our all in all calling and purpose in life ?

Today as I was praying , the Spirit of the Lord cried on me and told me , ” He is looking for a servant like Moses “
A servant that is willing to walk with God hand in hand , feel his pain , feel his sorrow , feel his agency and fulfill his purpose .

Numbers 12:7-8 Not so with my servant Moses. He is faithful in all my house. With him I speak mouth to mouth, clearly, and not in riddles, and he beholds the form of the Lord. Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?”

Pst Lenny Were

Let the Word draw you.

Don’t get caught up on the excitement at the expense of the Word. Ministry may look exciting and enticing but is the Word in it? We live in a generation that are curious about signs and wonders but miss the Word. Their ministry that focus so much on the quick miracle, quick prophesy but the Word is lacking. The Word is Jesus Christ and if it is lacking, the house won’t balance.

Miracles are a quick solution of today but teachings will either keep you tomorrow or destroy you. Their people because of miracles are stack in places they know very well they are being taught wrong. Whoever teaches you wrong is like a man giving you a slow poison. It will eat you slowly but surely until you completely die spiritually and physically.

Run after the Word and miracles will come later. Pursue the Word and everything else will be given to you in due season.
May miracles , signs and wonders never excite you at the expense of the Word.

Their many emergent prophets today that just want to feed you with prophesies only but they don’t have the Word. Be careful of them. Many are are workers of Satan masquerading as angels of Light in the church. Apart from prophesy pay attention to their teachings. If the teachings are not inline with the Word , then run for your soul, you are at greater risk.

Pst Lenny Were

Seed on the Right Soil

Different seeds thrive in different soils and different weather and water zone .
There are seeds that will thrive in the desert but some will thrive in places with many waters .

Every Call that God gives to his servants comes with a soil to be planted .

Some are called to be planted in the Desert while others are called to be planted in watery places .
Some are called from the known to known while others are called from the known to unknown : Apostle Peter was a Jew and was called to the Jewish while Apostle Paul was a Jew but was majorly called to the Gentiles . Abraham was called from the known to the unknown . He had to leave his home town to go to a place he knew nothing about.

A call that calls you from the known to unknown requires deep trust in God and faith . It requires starting something new which was not existing before and this is how difficult it is . It took Apostle Paul years to become a Missionary to the Gentiles . He had to live with them, become like them but at the same time not loose his faith in God !

Planting your seed in the wrong ground , wrong field , which God has not called you to will not bear much fruits . And these is what most of the time we tend to do because we fear to venture into the unknown where our trust is not in men but God alone.

My Heavenly Father who Art in Heaven , help me Oh Lord to venture into the unknown . The places that are unknown to me, the people that are unknown to me , the congregation that are unknown to me , the races which are unknown to me, countries which are unknown to me and Ministry which is deem and I don’t know clearly it’s future about .
I just want to trust in you Jesus , you and you alone , be my refuge , be my guide , be my solace place and be the ground which I thrive in Jesus Mighty name I pray.


Pst Lenny Were
RTD Church International