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Morning Devotion, The Lifter of my Head RTD Church International

Pastor Lenny Were.
  1. Morning Devotion, The Lifter of my Head
  2. Binding the Strongman
  3. Bishop Margaret Wangari, Sharing on Psalms 25 on Zipporah Kokumu CD Launch.
  4. The Church of Sardis,
  5. Bible Expository: Revelation Chapter One.

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RTD Church Leaders Retreat in Nakuru, Kenya

We thank God for the successful retreat from 7th October 2021 to 9th October 2021. Looking forward for more in the future. May the Lord bless our fraternity and make us a multitude of people. Pastor Lenny Were

Be vigilant and pray for your Children.

By Pastor Lenny Were Two days in a row been seeing myself praying for deliverance for people. Very tough deliverance cases. Today just woke up. The Spirit withing me still interceding in tongues. I saw a man who had a problem with walking. For some reasons he needed assistance to walk. He had difficult time …

Exposing agents of Darkness

By Pastor Lenny Were Lord increase our level of discernment. Agents of Satan has become so comfortable around , some are going to church with us, Fellowship with us and even talk with us but they are the reasons why we undergo so many problems and demonic attacks.  Some have even penetrated church systems and …


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